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Messages posted by: Oscar
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You're gonna have to tell me who no.7 is, it's doin me head in.
2. Urango (Hatton victim
3. Arthur Abraham?
4. Dunno
5. Casamayor
6. Margarito?
7. Don't know but I recognise him...
8. David Tua
9. Mikkel
Real music;

Not the live version though obviously.

Or this
Skillz wrote:

----Fights id like to see soon----

Margarito-Cotto 2
Mosley-Pacquaio (omg i cant imagine this fight, best hand speed both fighters and there both warriors and there both going for the KO)
Mayweather-Winner of Paquaio-Mosley

It's not gonna happen soon, the Hatton v Pacquiao fight is back on, Pac-man signed a contract for 50 - 50, only Hatton's left to sign.,19528,12183_4841382,00.html
Class fight. I wanted Mosley to win (been a fan for years) but I honestly thought he'd get stopped at round 7-12.

Who will Mosley fight next? I'd love to see Mosely v Hatton if the Pacquiao fight is definitely not gonna happen.
He's only 34 though, I think Khan's gonna struggle but he'll win it through work rate after 12 rounds. I doubt it'll be a stoppage or knockout for Khan though, possibly for Barrera if Khan loses his bearings due to pressure and the sheer skill of Barrera. It'll be a class fight though, gonna try and get tickets.
Surprised but glad that i'm not up there like. Sayin that I used to beat thedogger when I'd only had about 100 fights when he'd had over 3000 lol.
Enjoyed: Nigel Benn, Tyrant, HTF, Rocky M., Paul Dion, Red Viper, toosmooth. All because of the fights being very close and full of action, although Benn hammered me.

Hated: Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Chrilla. The first two because they raped me easily from day one and Chrilla because his style was incredibly awkward.
Mikkel wrote:From OB !
Let's hope 2009 will bring more progress to OB than 2008 (and the other years) did.
We need to have a boxing game that pay respects to our favorite sport. OB is for the real boxing fan.

In 2009 OB will turn into the ultimate boxing game, the game that all boxing fans have been wishing for since the computer was first born.

Too right, OB already shows up DKP and FN in terms of gameplay due to the freedom and ability to form your own style.

Merry Christmas, hope you all have a good one and the ones still playing 2D finally realise how much better 3D is so we can get more repeats of last night.

And as Dick said, thanks for keeping OB running and improving.

: - (

At least the Hatton v Pacquiao fight is on...
I heard that Pacquiao has already said that he's going back down though, he only went up to fight de la Hoya, so that doesn't seem likely, although I'd love to see that fight, as Dion said 'It has "Fight of the Decade" written all over it!'.

On the other hand, Mayweather v Hatton 2 would also be class, and could possibly become another great trilogy if Hatton manages to beat Mayweather. My money would be on Floyd though, no matter how much I love Hatton and how much it pains me to say it; I'll admit that in my opinion, Mayweather is a legend and most likely the better fighter.
Skillz wrote:Why advertise the unfinished product?

Because 90% of the time there's no one on 3D, and who knows, there could be people who're looking for a more unrestricted Boxing game compared to the console Boxing games, so advertising the product, finished or not will possibly get more people following the project and maybe donating towards it. Plus, when it is finished and advertised people who weren't interested before are still likely to have a look so there's nothing to lose from a bit of free advertising.
Professor wrote:
Oscar wrote:Lol ^

And yeah, David Haye will be punished by Vitali, just like Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jnr punished Joe Calzaghe



Irrelevant. The skill gap between Vitali and Haye is DRASTIC. Brutal beating coming Hayemakers way.

It's not irrelevant at all. The point was that great British boxers are underestimated time and time again. Hatton, Calzaghe and now Haye. Honestly, you musn't have even watched any of Haye's recent fights otherwise you'd know fine well that the gap in skill is NOT drastic as you mention. Don't get me wrong, Vitali is a great fighter, but David Haye's not exactly Samuel Peter. He's in a different class. Peter is strong, but lacks power and creativity due to his lack of speed and agility; in their fight Vitali was pissing around with his hands down...the minute he does that against Haye, he's prone to get knocked onto his arse, Haye can pull powerful punches out of no where which I think will determine the fight. Also don't forgot, Haye is very elusive and Klitschko will struggle to get his hard straights to hit Haye.

I'm going for a Haye TKO.
Lol ^

And yeah, David Haye will be punished by Vitali, just like Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jnr punished Joe Calzaghe


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