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Forum Index » History of Online Boxing
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Red Viper


Joined: 19/04/2006 14:08:34
Messages: 603

What can I say? I just happen to appriciate my own skills and know I have beaten everybody but Fatny silly. My game is very technical and what I call a complete game. Very good defense, very good boxing and very good slugging. I use these skill very intelligently, which frustrates some players as they are used to opponents rushing in only to get KO'ed when in red. It drives some people mad as they realize I am not going to fall into some stupid trap and/or am not going to make any stupid mistakes. Attack when you can afford it and can deal effective damage - fall back when it is a losing deal for you. Yet despite all this I dont make it any higher than this. While some of the other fighters might have more holes in their game, they make it up by having extreme skills in other areas they are able to take advantage of.

There is no way in hell you deserve to be in the OB ALL Time top 5, not even close. If you were, I would be ranked above you.

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Active as of right now

Was one of the minority that broke Rocky Marciano's defense in half.

Won a title by KO'ing the opponent with only Uppercuts

The Greatest KO Artist in OB History

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Multiple time undisputed champion

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Joined: 26/08/2012 17:48:20
Messages: 102

King o the world Will be in the HoF Next.

You might not be great,But ill catch you in 8.

Ill make you fall in round 5,but if you talk about me ill cut it into 3.Ahhhh
Dark Destroyer


Joined: 19/04/2006 16:15:33
Messages: 440
Location: London, England

1) Fatny
2) John
3) HTF
4) Larry Holmes
5) Unstoppable



"Dark Destroyer" Nigel Benn



Joined: 24/08/2008 22:48:05
Messages: 1657
Location: Akron, Ohio

I believe everybody has their own opinion on the Top 5 of all time. Certain fighters are harder/easier because of their style either working better/worst against the opponents style. So Larry Holmes could be easier to some but harder for some others. Same goes with everybody else. It is flattering that you put me as #2 on your list Nigel. I don't have a Top 5 of all-time only because I wasn't around to fight every single person in this game. But I can certainly say that you are one of the best in this game Nigel. I'd say either #2 or #3 for slug fighters of all time.

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10x OBW Champion Defenses- 6
12x Tournament Champion Defenses- 29

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"John represents the renaissance of OB. John stepped up and filled the vacuum Fatny left behind. Not only his skills are amazing, also his dedication to keep this game interesting and alive. I was there when he first won the title, I was watching over his shoulder when he bullied all competition, I was there when he became a HOF´er. I may not be a great fighter myself, but I do have eye for talent. John is something special, I told him right after he won his first title. John is the spark that became a flame that turned into a devastating fire. Apart from being a great guy he never stepped down from a challenge and always looked to square off against OB´s best to further improve his skills. Many HOF´ers made short comebacks during the year John reigned OB, only to be knocked out by Big Bad John." - Dick E. Boon

"The thing with John is that he's just so extremely accurate, both in offense and in defense. There's some punches I consider myself a master of, like the small hook and the long upper. Well they're useless against John no matter how well you throw them, he just keeps blocking 90% of them and hurting you in the process. Speaking of which...if he hurts you (and he will), you better move your head a lot because he also happens to be one of the best finishers i've ever seen. Basically if you're not extremely good AND creative, you'll end up on the floor. A fine addition to the hall of fame indeed." - Fatny
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